I provide the following services to home users. See the BUSINESS menu for business services.

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  • FREE initial diagnostic check – call me at 07969 166 845, or send a message from the contact page to detail your problems and I’ll respond ASAP
  • consultancy advice service – I can provide expert advice on your specific computing requirements, including upgrades or new systems or services.
  • software installation and configuration – if you need a new operating system or Microsoft Office installed, or any other software, I can assist
  • hardware installation and configuration – whatever you need installed, printers, scanners, memory cards, disk drives etc.
  • internet problems – if your internet connection is playing up I can check what the problem is, and advise or implement a resolution.
  • training – I can provide training which is tailored to your needs and provide appropriate documented guidance notes
  • initial computer setup – as well as configuring your computer for use, I can also install, connect and configure your internet service
  • complete computer health check – if your computer is running slow, chances are that it needs a health check. This may be provided on a collect and return basis. I will contact you if any major work is required following the check
  • website design – whether for personal use or business, I can create a design matching your needs. Make an appointment for an initial meeting to establish the exact requirements for your site

Some of the above services can be carried out without the need for me to attend, using a remote access service to your computer. Download the agent to activate